Spectator Code of Conduct

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Covid-19 Spectator Code of Conduct for Dover Athletic

In order to assist our staff, stewards and security, and to help protect you and your fellow spectators, you are kindly requested to follow these guidelines.

Before purchasing a ticket, and again before attending a game, carry out your own personal risk assessment, taking into consideration not only your age, health status and clinical vulnerability, but also, if booking for others within your social bubble, their age, health status, and clinical vulnerability.

As a condition of purchasing or being allocated a ticket, you must agree to provide details to support and assist NHS track and trace.

  • At all times and in all parts of the crabble stadium please observe social distancing and avoid close contact with others who are not in your social bubble.
  • Arrive in good time to go through all necessary entry procedures.
  • Personal belongings should be kept to absolute minimum preferably NO bags
  • Respect and keep to any spectator only zones.
  • Make sure in advance that you know where your entry point is, and, if an entry time is specified on your ticket, be there on time
  • For spectators in standing areas, respond to requests to spread out or move to other areas
  • Be aware that your temperature might be taken before entry
  • Be aware that a face covering/mask must be worn within the stadium and whilst queuing ( They do not need to be worn whilst in your seat, eating or drinking but please maintain social distancing at all times)
  • Be aware that all payments inside the ground are contactless where possible
  • If you need to access any of Dover Athletic amenities, such as toilets, food and drink outlets, or concessions, check to see if any of them are not in use, and plan accordingly
  • Remain in your seat or place at all times wherever possible
  • If you do need to leave your viewing position, wait for a time when the gangway is clear and always follow the signs and routes indicating which way to go
  • If you are seated, when moving past other spectators, to and from your seat, please avoid face to face contact with other spectators – sometimes called the ‘brush past’ – have courtesy and turn your back as you pass
  • If you are standing, please stay in your allocated space, within your social bubble and remain aware of the movements of others at all times
  • Maintain good hand hygiene – use the sanitiser dispensers provided and avoid touching your face, or handles, railings etc, whenever possible
  • Always cover your mouth if needing to cough or sneeze
  • Avoid hugs, high-fives and any close contact with people who are not within your social bubble
  • Take extreme care when shouting, singing or celebrating
  • If you are attending with other members of your social bubble, please make sure they all have read and understood this code of conduct
  • Fans must not pass on or sell tickets to any other individual, including anyone with their social bubble
  • Please follow any instructions given by stewards or Security at all times

All fans who purchase, or individuals who are allocated tickets, agree to comply with this Covid-19 Spectator Code of Conduct

Safety Officer: John Heath