*BS*Following the success of Nicky Deverdics’ question and answer evening, goalkeeper Mitch Walker took the reins of the Dover Athletic Twitter account last Friday to spend some time interacting with the DAFC fans. Even Whites’ Goalkeeping Coach Lee Hook got in on the action, along with many Dover fans.*BF*

In this edition of the ‘Ask A White’ feature, Mitch reveals his favourite achievement with the club, who he likes to sit next to on the coach, his skills in the kitchen, and much more.

Below is the transcript from the 2nd Q&A Twitter session. Be sure to look out for an upcoming evening of the ‘Ask A White’ feature with another player ready to take your questions!

*BS*@GP__Tips: Mitch, if you were not a goalie what position would you play and why?*BF*
MW: Definitely a striker, as if you score a goal you is a hero. I beat Raggs (Sean Raggett) in a penalty shoot-out in training, so he would fight my case.

*BS*@DavyJoeGrant: Best achievement you’ve accomplished with Dover?*BF*
MW: Being the first team to finish 5th in the Conference South and get promoted the way we did. We were up against all the odds but we came out on top.

*BS*@jackosullivan01: What do you think of the club’s new training facilities?*BF*
MW: Very good. Some of the mud fields we were in before weren’t exactly the best. Also, we don’t have to strap our phones to our head to get some light at the new training ground!

*BS*@connorjwathen: What was the best game you have played for Dover?*BF*
MW: Tough one, but I’d probably say Sutton away in the playoff semi-final. I felt I made important saves. And to go on and win 3-0 was an outstanding effort by everyone involved.

*BS*@DoverAFC: Who do you sit next to on the bus/plane and why?*BF*
MW: Everyone, we all get along well. Although I try to avoid Tom Wynter, you always have to be alert around him!

*BS*@anthonyfuller9: If you hadn’t taken up football earlier what other career would you like to have taken up? (Not fishing either)*BF*
MW: A city banker. I got a C in Maths so I think I could see myself in a snazzy office in London somewhere.

*BS*@kalaharidave: We have the best 2 keepers in the league: what problems & benefits does that create & are you both happy with this?*BF*
MW: Honestly, it’s hard to keep 2 keepers happy. That said, me and Hooky get along very well (!!) Raffs (Andy Rafferty) is a top keeper and is capable of playing in this league and higher up, we get along well and push each other in training to get the best out of each other, which is healthy.

*BS*@jmpmnp: What do you think of all the money in the game now, from the top, down to conference south? Player’s perspective.*BF*
MW: It’s a little bit stupid, especially in the higher leagues. But that said, the fans and the public are what generate most of the funds available, so it will start to disappear when the public get bored of football – which will probably be never!

*BS*@pktsmith: I’m cooking homemade lasagne, what’s your favourite homemade dish?*BF*
MW: I make a mean steak and Guinness pie, and Spanish paella!

*BS*@GP__Tips: Mitch, as a player, is the prolonged transfer window something you relish or dread?*BF*
MW: In this league I don’t think it makes too much difference, But I’m hoping Arsene Wenger has a last minute trick up his sleeve!

*BS*@young_gun180: Top man. What I want to know is who travels the longest distance to play for Dover? And how long does it take you?*BF*
MW: I think Sam Magri, as he is Portsmouth way. It’s about 90 miles for me so around 1hr45 mins – 2 hours.

*BS*@dovermowl: Would you like to swap positions with Ricky Miller? If so, would you score more than he conceded?*BF*
MW: Definitely! I’d be like Dennis Bergkamp playing up front.

*BS*@leehooky: Is it true you have a wonderful coach and Dover has the three best keepers in the league?*BF*
MW: If you want a coach who can’t cross a ball & is due his free bus pass in a few years, then yes he is great!

*BS*@andymikey8: Who at the club has had the wackiest hair style?*BF*
MW: Orlu has a great afro, curly vibe going on, on his back! I think he conditions it to keep it looking fresh.

*BS*@jackosullivan01: Kids grow up generally wanting to be strikers – they get the headlines – what made you want to be a goalkeeper?*BF*
MW: My Dad and Grandad both played in goal and reached county level for Essex. So when I was young, I wanted to follow in their footsteps.

*BS*@peter_ray79: I remember, and watched you play for BHAFC, when you left, what made you decide to join Dover?*BF*
MW: Nicky Forster made it clear he wanted me to come down to the club as we knew each other from our Brighton days. He told me the ambitions of Dover. So it was an easy choice as I wanted to play regular football.

*BS*@Ori_Ar: Your targets for the season? Also, I had a great save with Dover at Football Manager a year ago.*BF*
MW: To go one better than we did last year. It will be tough but we have the players to do it. I’m more of a FIFA and CoD guy and haven’t every played Football Manager.

*BS*@PhilRiverman10: what aspect of your game do you feel has improved most in your time at Dover?*BF*
MW: A little bit of everything. I’m learning every game and training session to try to improve. Playing regularly is a key factor.