Steve Browne held a meeting with his players on Saturday to discuss why they have not been picking up the points their performances have deserved.

The Whites boss – who is keeping the on-the-field battle against relegation going while the fans and community fight to save the club – insists that spirits are high despite a hard week.

First was the superb performance at Eastleigh which went unrewarded with a 1-0 defeat, then there was the injury-time equaliser by Harrow at the Hoverspeed Stadium on Tuesday night and finally the bombshell announcement on Thursday that the club needed £48,000 by New Year’s Eve or face closure.

That would be enough to send anyone heading for the drinks cabinet and perhaps Browne did have a tipple on Thursday night.

But the Dover manager said: “It’s been an extremely tough week for the club and I knew when I came here that things were difficult for Dover.

“Obviously, the VAT thing has come has an extra shock and the club have got to go out to find the money.

“Too be honest, I am just trusting the directors. They’ve stuck to their word on everything so far and I expect them to stick to their word on this one. They are going to try hard to reach the £48,000 target and from what I can see already they are doing just that.

“The players have been very understanding about the situation and we’re happy to help in every way we can. We’ve arranged to play supporters in a fundraiser, play a Dover old boys team – with people like Maurice Munden and Leroy Ambrose coming down – and there’s lots of other fundraisers that we’re getting involved in.

“What attracted the players to Dover was the set-up and potential. You can see that this club is geared to be in the Conference. That is where Dover should be. We want to get it there but of course there are lots of big battles to win first.

“This is a big battle off-the-field. Meanwhile, we’re fighting a big battle on-the-field. It’s going to be tough but you just all have to stick together to get through.”

The Blitz spirit has now spread throughout the club and tonight (Tuesday) Whites take on high-riding Leyton and Browne is expecting an extremely tough match but hopes his men can edge it.

He said: “Leyton are well-organised but they do concede goals. All we’ve got to do is stay tight and take our chances. Then, hopefully, we have a chance of winning. We do need to win because our performances merit it.

“We have a good side here for this league. But it’s just the way luck is going for us at the moment. Let’s hope we can find a turning point by picking up these points and off-the-field let’s hope the fans, businesses and community can turn it around too. I believe we can all succeed.”