Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Crabble.
Today sees the first of many initiatives and promotions planned for the coming weeks, aimed at introducing the Club to the wider population of the Dover area. With a population of around 38,000, clearly there is an opportunity to showcase the Club, what its objectives are and its achievements over the last six years.
A particular welcome to those under 16’s who are attending the game for the first time as a result of our offer in the Dover Express newspaper, who were announced as our new media partners this week. I look forward to working with Simon and his team to further promote and advertise the Club and its activities going forward.
Much has been spoken about the need to attract younger supporters to the Club. I ask our more vocal supporters to bear in mind that there will be many younger new supporters in the ground today with their families. Please moderate your language and behaviour, as at times the mark is being overstepped and it is becoming unacceptable. I have already had to issue one life banning order for unacceptable language and personal abuse, and I do not want to have to issue more.
We have heard much over recent weeks from the vocal minority about everything that is wrong with this Club, its Manager and its Board of Directors. However, I have to say that as I walk around the ground on matchdays and other times, I am often approached by members of the silent majority of our fan base who, whilst they share my frustration and disappointment over our league position, take a much more balanced approach to discussing it without obscene comments or personal vitriolic abuse which, unfortunately, we have seen from some in recent times.
Most of our supporters understand that we are just in one moment of time and that we continue to work hard for success. If adjustments are required they will be made, but only if and when the Board decide it is necessary. Vitriolic abuse and obscene chanting will not change that position, so please refrain from it and get behind the Team.
No one has the divine right to win a football match or for success. Plans and desires are simply aspirations which we all work towards achieving, not guarantees.
As far as my record as a Chairman is concerned, it speaks for itself. A Club, previously in debt to the tune of 400k in C.V.A. facing a winding up order, has been transformed to a Club with no debt, playing at level 2  of non-league football and striving for promotion to level 1. In six years we have made playoffs three times, had two championship winning years and made the third round of the F.A. Cup for the first time in the Club’s history, finishing two points off the playoffs. I have made some mistakes along the way, but on balance most Chairmen in the country would kill for that record.
If anyone would like to volunteer to help the Club move forward in any capacity, we would be grateful for your help. As we move forward, more and more is asked of the very few people who actually put the time and effort into helping the Club and we sincerely thank them.
Best wishes
Jim Parmenter
Chairman D.A.F.C