*BS*CLIVE WALKER is back in charge of first-team affairs – after making a full recovery from a back operation.

*BF*Dover Athletic chairman Jim Parmenter would like to pass on his gratitude to Terry White, who has been in caretaker charge while Clive has been on sick leave.

Clive had calcified discs removed from his back less than two week ago – but is now already back on his feet and raring to go.

Jim said: “For Clive to come back from an operation of that magnitude so quickly just shows the strength of character the man has got, his strength of purpose and what this football club means to him.

“He is a Dover Athletic man through and through and passionate about bringing success to the club. He is a strong character and that is exactly what is needed, especially when things haven’t gone well for a week or two.

“Terry came in under difficult circumstances and done a great job. It’s not a situation you see very often and he has given it his all. I am sure he will be involved in helping the club out in the future.”

Clive said: “I am delighted to be back. I am not 100 per cent fit but getting that way. In a couple of weeks, I will. But I am certainly fit enough to take charge.

“It’s been frustrating for me. I’ve not been able to walk for seven weeks – and just to be able to get back on my feet is great.

“I’d like to thank Terry very much for his efforts. He’s done a good job in very difficult circumstances.

“It is very hard for someone to come in to be a caretaker manager without knowing the players very well.

“The club had to get someone in because the job is just too big for one person.”

*Q1*It’s been a traumatic time for Clive.

He said: “I was told there was a chance I could become paralyzed if I didn’t have the operation. That scared me and I had to have it done.

“I am walking again with a stick – and it’s just a case of building the strength up in my legs again. I should be completely fit in a couple of weeks.”

*BS*Full free audio interview with Jim to follow.