Club Statement: Kent Senior Cup

Dover Athletic can confirm that due to fielding an ineligible player in the Kent Senior Cup second round match on 6 February we have been dismissed from the competition and Beckenham Town have been reinstated.

Prior to the game the player in question informed our management team that he had never played in the Kent Senior Cup. He also disclosed that he had never signed for Welling which was evident as this was not present on his registration form.

After the game the player had no knowledge of playing in Kent Senior Cup and thought he had only played in a ‘friendly’ for Welling. The players agent was also unaware that the player had played in the competition.

At no point did the management team have any idea of his involvement for Welling or playing in KSC prior to the game. The management team had no reason to check as the last club on his registration form was Brentford who do not take part in the competition.

We are very disappointed and would like to apologise to our fans that this has happened.