*BS*DOVER ATHLETIC chairman Jim Parmenter has condemned a spectator for throwing a bin on to the pitch after the 2-2 draw with Kingstonian at Crabble.

*BF*A so-called “fan” decided to chuck a litter bin in the direction of referee John Rowbury as the players and officials were leaving the pitch.

The culprit was immediately apprehended, reported to the Police and is subject to a ban from the ground indefinitely.

Jim said: “Tensions were running high among both sets of supporters at the end of the game. Everyone was angry with the referee’s performance.

“We had an army of stewards at hand to escort the referee safely off the pitch and to keep the fans away from him.

“Unfortunately, one idiot has managed to get hold of a bin and has chucked it on to the pitch – but our stewards responded immediately and he has been reported to the Police and is pending a ban from our ground.

“The behaviour of this idiot will not be tolerated at this club and we’ve acted accordingly.

“Our standard of stewarding is something to be proud of. At this level of football, it is the best. However, when you have big crowds, the chances of having an incident with a couple of idiots is greater – but I am proud of the way our stewards and club have dealt with it.

“The referee has decided to press charges – so we will be handing all the details over to the Police, who will no doubt now be dealing with the culprit.”

Dover Athletic will be carrying out an internal review into the situation and looking into ways of making the ground even safer.

Meanwhile, the club will be appealing against Tony Browne’s sending-off.