*BS*Display the Dover Athletic FC club badge by downloading our new wallpaper to your computer desktop.*BF*




Click on the screen resolution above (1024x 768 or 800×600) that fits your computer screen. The full-size image will load.

*BS*PC users:*BF*
Right click image and select ‘set as wallpaper/background’.

Alternatively – Select Save Image As… and save it to the Windows directory; then in the Display Control Panel, choose Background, and in the Wallpaper window, choose the new picture and click OK.

*BS*Mac users:*BF*
Click and hold on the image with your mouse button. When a menu pops up, select the Save Image As or Download Image to Disk option to save the image to your hard drive.

*BS*Operating System 8.5 – OS 9.21:*BF*
Go to the Apple menu and select the Appearance Control Panel. Click on the Desktop tab. If you already have wallpaper on your desktop click on the Remove Picture button to remove your old wallpaper. Now use the Select Picture button to select the wallpaper you just downloaded. After you have selected your wallpaper, press the Set Desktop button and close the window.

*BS*If you’ve got OS X:*BF*
Open your System Preferences and select Desktop. Click Collection and navigate to the folder where you saved your image. Choose your image and close the System Preferences.