*BS*MARTIN HAYES has told Sammy Moore and Dean Hill that they will not be offered new deals until he has seen them in action.

*BF*Jon Wallis and Matt Fish were not signed by the new Whites boss – and penned deals that had been offered to them before his arrival at the club.

Talented midfielder Moore, 22, was offered a new contract by former boss Andy Hessenthaler.

The deal was not signed at the time because the former Ipswich and Brentford ace wanted to discuss the possibility of playing in his more preferred central position.

However Hess left to take the Gillingham manager’s job and Ian Hendon took over.

Hendon was away on holiday for two weeks of his 18-day tenure – although Moore did agree to sign a new deal.

But the newly-appointed Whites chief shot out of the Crabble door the moment Hessenthaler offered him the No2 job at Priestfield before Moore was able to sign.

Moore wanted to ink a new deal this week and attended a meeting with boss Hayes on Tuesday night.

But Hayes admitted: “We’ve put all contract offers that had not been agreed before I came on hold.

“I want to know who I’m actually offering contracts to. I am not saying that anyone from last season’s squad are not the kind of player I want.

“But it’s vital that I see everyone in action. So I’ve told Sammy and Dean that they are welcome to come to pre-season training next Thursday and I want to see them in a few games first, before offering them deals.

“We’ve withdrawn contract offers that weren’t agreed between club and player before I came.

“A big bulk of our budget has been spent already on players currently at the club – and any new manager likes to bring his own players in. But if I like the lads who are at the club, then obviously I will sign them. Everyone will get a fair chance with me.

*Ppic1*“But it really is a case of wanting to assess who I am offering deals to. It’s nothing personal against Sammy or Dean – it was only that their deals had not been agreed yet, whereas Matt Fish and Jon Wallis had committed already.

“If Sammy and Dean turn up to pre-season, show me they want to play for Dover Athletic and they’re good players, then of course I will be offering them new contracts. No doubt about that at all.

“We want hungry players and if they are these type and want to play for me and Dover they’ll be there. And I really hope they do come back. Everyone – even those who have a deal – are on trial to show me they should be in my starting XI.”

Martin says he is impressed with the training facilities at Abbey School – which, for Blue Square South level, are among some of the best.

He said: “I know what facilities you get at this level and some are very basic. The Abbey School is really good. We’ve got our own area, which no-one else uses and we’ve got a gym there too.

“Believe me, for Blue Square South level, it’s good.”

Martin – who runs a mobile solutions company with a pal – says he will continue to train the players twice a week, although there will be no time limit on the sessions.

He said: “We’ll finish our sessions when we’re finished. It may take 30 minutes, it may take a few hours!

“But we may try to sneak in the odd extra session if we can – although that will be something we will discuss with the squad first.”

Martin plans to watch pro reserve and youth matches, played in the afternoons around the regions.

He said: “Luckily my job works nicely around the football, so I will have plenty of time for scouting and networking.

“I’ve got contacts at most pro clubs in the area. OK, of course, I have mates at Arsenal, Spurs and West Ham – but you have to remember not many of their players want to drop down to our level.

“West Ham have helped me out a bit in the past. I’ve got friends at Dagenham, Barnet and of course Gillingham – although I’m not sure if that telephone line has been cut off!

“Certainly I will be calling on help in the loan market if we have any serious injury problems.”