*BS*Saturday’s game will be difficult but the prize is huge. We need everyone to be on form, especially the twelfth man, the Whites crowd.

*BF*Ever wondered why we haven’t done so well in the past in front of big crowds? Maybe it is because 1500 plus turn up and watch in silence. Not exactly inspiring.

Saturday is expected to produce our biggest crowd for some time and the Jolly Boys have agreed to give it their all and we want you, the Dover fans, to give them your backing. The plan is this: the Jolly Boys and Girls have promised to keep up 90 minutes of non-stop chanting* throughout the game.

The aim is to get 100 people to pledge a minimum of £5 each with the money going towards paying off the overdraft. You can make it more if you want.

Donations can be made by Paypal or by cash or cheque payable to Dover Athletic Football Club, and handed in to Joe Lowney at the club shop.

To get the ball rolling Andy Stevens and I are donating £15 each.

Donations open now and close at 9am on Friday. There is only a 48 hour window of opportunity.

Support the Jollys as they selflessly slaughter their vocal chords. Should be a win-win situation – great support, help with clearing the debt and maybe, just maybe, a great result.

Even better, join in yourself.

In the unlikely event that they fail, sponsors will have the option of having their donation returned.

I know there have been other cash calls over the years but a game like this might not come round for many years. Just imagine…Whites on TV against a league side…worth pushing the boat out for.

One other thing – we need someone to volunteer as an independent verifier. All that involves is standing on the terrace and confirming whether the Jollys did the business.

White Army.


Andy Stevens £15
Andrew Stucken £15
David Hamilton £5
Justin Allen £20
Dave Weber £20
David Marsh £5
Dachshund £20
John Sheather £5
TOTAL: £105

*BF**If we have to change ends before kick off the Jollys are allowed time to take up positions. Also, if we score or there is another major incident such as a penalty for Dover, sending off, etc., then the usual roaring is allowed. A few seconds are also allowed for changing songs.