FANS’ GRAND GESTURE would like to thank those who have donated funds to our collection that will go towards paying off the club’s CVA debt.

On Tuesday night, a fundraising initiative was put together in a bid to boost the collection.

A well-wisher offered to match all donations up to a maximum payout of £100. In total £140 was donated by fans – plus the £100 double-your-money pledge – making £240 raised in one evening.

We can confirm that the website’s online collection has now raised £1,387.17 up to the close of business today (Wednesday, November 16).

It really is a superb effort by fans. The idea is that we provide web services to cater for our large and fiercely loyal supporters.

We cover the day-to-day news at the club throughout the week on the home page, have a lively fans forum, various bits of information, WhitesLive audio and MatchdayLive text commentary, Dave Shirley’s excellent DAFCtv coverage, Simon Harris’ match photos and Kevin Harris’ reports.

It is quite a package – and, in turn, we have asked fans if they could consider making donations to show their appreciation of the services they benefit from.

It could just be a few quid or more – but every bit of money counts.

These funds will all be handed over to the club – to help it pay off this wretched CVA, which has been hanging over DAFC for far too long.

Many thanks for your continued support – and if you want to sponsor a lady or reserve player, please feel free to add further funds to our account.

The donations last night were received by:
David Hamilton
Henry Reid
Lynda Austin
Samantha Bailey
Stephen Veni
Martin Leigh
Phillip Henley
Neil Care
Karen Rhodes
Andrew Parks
Mark Waller
Andrew Parkinson
A well-wisher

If you want to make a donation, either just for using the web services, or to sponsor a reserve or lady player’s profile (plus Marc Cumberbatch’s profile is still up for grabs), click on any of the donation buttons on the home page.