I HAVE been requested to put a few lines together for the website as perhaps my voice and that of the Trust have been a little quiet of late.

Some of this is due to the dreaded bug that hit the club recently that laid me low for a fair few days and also the huge amount of work that has been going on in the background to save our club.

It is with that issue that I would like to start – I must first of all thank all those that have contributed in any way to both the Fighting Fund and the Supporters Trust, the enthusiasm shown so far has both surprised and spurred everybody on. However the job is not as yet finished and we still have a way to go to ensuring the survival of the club that we all love.

I think at the moment we are in the midst of our darkest times both on and off the field, but with the spirit we have from everybody involved no matter how small or large that involvement may be we can come through this.

I do not intend to talk about on field matters as we have the team in place in Steve and Troy who are keeping you all up to date via their regular Forum updates, I must also at this point thank them and all connected with the playing staff for their efforts at this time in helping with the survival of the club by getting involved with a number of events including this Sunday’s match against the “Dover Old Boys” and a mixed “Supporters” side at the Hoverspeed Stadium which kicks off at 1.30pm. Please come along and support this event, I am sure there will be a laugh or two to be had.

Finally, it all boils down to one thing and that is meeting our target of £48k to see our club survive, even then we cannot rest on our laurels as we fight to pull clear of the relegation zone – Are we up for it? Of course we are.