THE club’s exit from the FA Trophy at Staines on Saturday comes as a terrific disappointment and a realisation that there are no more extra pay-days this season.

Although we had a great gate against AFC Wimbledon in the FA Cup we would have preferred a passage through to the next stage and some prize money on the way. The form book gave us no right to expect an easy ride against Staines but fresh zip brought in by new manager Steve Browne suggested to many that we might at least get a replay.

This is something of a bitter pill and when the board meets in the next seven days we have to look at the finance needed to get through the remainder of the season, remembering that our gift at Barnet last January provided us with a share of a decent gate as well as the prize money and a home replay against Forest Green Rovers, plus that prize money. All in all, in excess of £10,000.

We will also be contacting the CVA supervisor to establish if the outcome of the legal opinion on Modification 5 is known, given that it is around a month overdue. Either way, we are expecting to have to pay over the £23k imminently.

We’ve made no secret of the fact that the club has been carrying a c. £25k from each of its last two seasons. We have survived by using tomorrow’s money to pay yesterday’s debts. This has been possible through varying degrees of success in cup competitions which have kept the bonus matches and prize monies rolling into the second half of the season.

The possibility of extending that scenario was snuffed out at Staines last Saturday.

Last week, the Supporters Trust made a further contribution towards the club in exchange for shares in order that the monthly instalment to the CVA could be paid. Unfortunately, that takes a fair chunk out of the war chest.

More than ever we need fans to rally round and support the three home fixtures that arise within 11 days of each other at the end of this month, the David Elleray evening in between and the various Trust fundraisers (including the Supporters Plaques, Christmas Raffle and the Walk to Folkestone).

It is also a timely reminder to the businesses in and around the town that once offered marvellous support to the club that you are needed more than ever.

We are trying hard to build things at Dover Athletic and hope that everyone can see that – but we need the town, fans and businesses, to get behind us.