I AM sure I will not be alone in saying I feel a bit down at the moment.

But to put a positive slant on the situation, Dover Athletic Football Club continues to grow from strength to strength. We very nearly did not have a team to support – look at us now complaining we missed out on promotion.

Sometimes we have forgotten that this was the board’s first full season in charge. We have learned a lot, some mistakes were made but will not be repeated.

The club has been in freefall for a number of years, finally we have steadied the ship and shown that with a bit of close season tinkering we can emerge a stronger and fitter club.

I would agree Ryman One is not where we want to be, neither is Ryman Premier or even Conference South, but if we are not good enough for those leagues at the moment I can live with close season preparation for a strong title challenge next season and forward thinking to take us out of the Ryman all together.

For the supporters it must be painful and hard to take. Imagine what the board have been through. Your season has ended, for us the hard work has now just started.

Monday commercially we go to work, we have a target to meet and all the financial pressures that go with running a club like Dover have to be addressed.

With the inherited CVA and bank debt still hanging over the club we still need your support and help to clear these restrictive chains.

As news emerges regarding our commercial activities and sponsorships I will make a few statements to keep you informed.

We want success, we want promotion, we want to improve Crabble – and we will achieve all these and more.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT – you have been incredible – see you next season