New Dover Athletic chairman Jim Parmenter answers fans’ questions that have been submitted to us through this official website.

IAN SMITH, Harrogate, Yorkshire: Thanks for saving the club. I think it would be a good idea to appoint one of Dover’s well known footballing sons as a life president of the club. I am referring to ex-FIFA referee David Elleray. I think to have such a high profile footballing personality involved would do wonders for the club’s PR and reputation in the footballing world.

I realise that David was not always the most popular of referees but I think he was always fair and has a great stature within the game – to be associated with DAFC would do the club a power of good.

JP: I think that is an excellent idea, however I’m not sure you can appoint someone just like that. We would need to contact Mr Elleray and invite him to take the post. I will put it to the board when we move to stage two and all the financial problems are sorted.

JASON SCOBLE, Capel-le-Ferne: Will we see the return of Chris Kinnear?

JP: Chris is Margate’s manager and has at least one year left on his contract. At the time of writing we have no plans to change our manager.

MICHAEL STAPLES: Although the club may not want to go down again, do you not think that it will be easier to put together a promotion challenge on a small budget from Division One? Dover fans are far more likely to come back and watch a winning team. Or will there be a budget that will realistically give us a chance of promotion to the Conference South should we stay up?

JP: It is our intention to do all we can to keep the club in this division, but we have to accept it is a huge task. If the worst happens and we are relegated, whatever is required to get us back up will be put in place.

Hopefully, supporters who have been so vocal and loyal so far will continue to play their very important part in our recovery.

We intend to run the club on sound fiscal grounds but that does not mean we don’t want success. The club’s current wage bill is at Conference levels so it demonstrates that it’s not just about how much money you spend on players; rather how wisely you spend it and how much spirit there is in team and the club.

Be sure, our aim is to get this club back where it belongs – at the top.

BARRY, KEN and Graham – plus DARREN PAINTER: How many men or businesses are in the consortium? Are we going to get to meet them at a meeting of some sort and secondly what will happen if we do the unthinkable and get relegated again this season? We, the faithful, just can’t see where the next win is coming from.

JP: The consortium consists of seven people plus myself. Some members prefer no publicity and not to be involved day to day. However, the others, including those joining me on the board, will be around the club and delighted to speak with you at any time. We have already attended meetings with the staff and the Trust. As far as relegation is concerned, I think I have answered that above.

GARETH THOMAS: Does the new board have a fixed timescale for a return (hopefully) to the Conference? Or is it just a case of seeing if it comes along again?

JP: As soon as possible.

NEIL (Tyrant): Will DAFC be sponsored by your company, El Gomez, in the future?

Do you have any timescale of trying to get us back into the higher rungs of non-league football, or do you have higher expectations than that?

Will the CVA still be paid off at the same rate as it is now, or will we be trying to pay off the CVA quicker, therefore being able to get in some better players and offering maybe slightly better wages?

JP: The club currently has a fantastic sponsorship deal with Hoverspeed and it would be inappropriate to discuss any potential future deals while a current sponsor is in place.

I’ve always believed that Dover has potential to support a Football League club.

The CVA will be paid off at least the same rate as before. Although there is little benefit in paying it off early, when we have dealt with all the other debt currently strangling the club, we’ll consider our options.

HARRY REID: Dover Athletic has got through these past three years due to the Trust and its members supporting the club financially. Do you see the Trust still having an active role with yourself and the consortium and visa versa and if so, in what way?

JP: We must not underestimate the role the Trust has played in getting the club this far and helping towards this rescue package. I consider it absolutely essential that they play a full, active and important part in the future running of the club.

I will meet with the Trust board, along with members of the consortium, to find a method for that to happen. I certainly believe John Farringdon has been an excellent representative up until now.