Dover Athletic chairman Jim Parmenter agreed to answer all questions posed by fans via this website last week and here are the answers he has given to the questions you e-mailed to us in the last seven days.

Callum Snell asks: Are we aiming for an instant promotion back to the Premier Division? Are we aiming for the championship or play-offs?

Also I’d like to ask if there is going to be a new kit for next season?

Jim Parmenter: We are aiming for promotion as an absolute minimum but our real target will be to win the league.

We are currently negotiating with a new sponsor. Depending on the requirements, we will announce our intentions as soon as possible. If there is sufficient time, we’ll consider a fans’ poll to help decide the final design.

Luke Dilnot-Smith: Will a qualified assistant-manager be brought in to assist Clive and continue the progress being made to achieve a more professional set up at the club?

JP: Steve Nolan has been appointed already and I am delighted by this. He is a first-class coach and will provide an excellent foil for Clive.

Harry Reid: Paul Hyde has given Dover loyal service and, while sometimes he has been controversial, his commitment to the club has always been 100 per cent. I understand when you say you cannot come to an agreement on a contract but it all appears to be so final with a capital F.

The true fans have always appreciated his loyalty to the club so my question is this, is there any way there can be a good testimonial for him so that the fans can say goodbye to Hydie in style?

JP: Unfortunately, Paul could not agree terms with the club and that is a great pity. We’ll consider the testimonial issue during the course of the summer.

John Moorhouse: Who will be taking care of first-team affairs while Clive is away doing his coaching scheme in the USA?

And what happens, if Clive has one or more possible transfer targets that he can’t get hold of before he goes away? Will someone else do the negotiations and scouting?

JP: As chairman, I thought I’d emulate my predecessor and do it myself. Only joking!!!! Steve Nolan will take care of team affairs but I will handle any contract negotiation required although we hope to have most matters in place by the time Clive goes.

Martin Pearce: How do you view the increased expenditure on the reserve team that was part of the last board’s plans for the club in the light of our successive relegation?

The possibility was discussed on the fans forum recently of training being held in the north of the county, this was to possibly help attract players from the London area by reducing the travelling involved. What is the club’s view on this?

JP: We will be continuing to run the club on sensible financial grounds. Although the reserves have been promoted, their costs will have to be reduced or sponsored.

We are currently looking for a site to train at once a week in the north of the county. Also facilities in Dover generally are pretty poor. Part of our business plan will be to try and provide extra facilities in conjunction with the council.

Martin Pearce again: Great news that the new lights are on the way. How do the running costs compare with our current lights?

JP: These are state-of-the-art lamps from Thorn. The running costs should be less because of much increased efficiency.

Riverend White has three questions: Where has the money come from to carry out the work on the floodlights?

Do you feel that we are better equipped to move back up through the leagues than Margate (bigger fanbase, better ground, etc)?

Would you put your neck on the line and say that Clive will put together a squad which will win whatever league the authorities eventually decide we will be playing in next season?

JP: The floodlights are sponsored by a well-wisher.

Dover are without doubt potentially a much bigger club than Margate for the reasons you mention and others. However, Dover Athletic have dropped a long way in three years and, at the moment, I think their playing squad is marginally stronger than ours. We need to change this.

I have already said promotion is the absolute minimum target. If we didn’t think Clive could do it, we’d not have appointed him as manager.

Martin Pearce: I’m pleased that the club have appointed a assistant manager. Was the decision to appoint him at Clive’s request or did the board feel the job required two people?

JP: Clive insisted on it. He wanted someone to assist and provide an alternative eye.

Luke Dilnot-Smith: What does Jim most enjoy about running a club?

JP: By running a stable club, we create a feeling of belonging and pride in the fans and the town in general. You cannot replicate the feeling of joy on the fans faces when we are doing well. Apart from that, winning!