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We encourage supporters to share their matchday experience on our MatchdayLive service, which provides instant live updates, team news and photos.

We welcome fans to send in their comments and photos of their DAFC matchday experience, some of which we will display (retweet) on our account.


*BS*How do I join Twitter and send you a message?*BF*
1. Create a free account at They will send you an email – click the link to verify.
2. Log-in with your username and password on
3. Visit *Link1* and click the “Follow” button.
4. To send us a message, hover your mouse over one of our updates and click the “reply” button that appears underneath.

*BS*Why Twitter instead of the old service?*BF*
After two seasons using CoverItLive for our matchday updates at no cost to the club, the American company has now implemented monthly charges. To continue with CoverItLive is no longer feasible at a cost of more than £1000 a year. Twitter gives us the same tools to keep you up to date.