*BS*WHY not visit the Dover Athletic Club Shop before Christmas and get some stocking fillers for the festive season.

*BF*As well as stocking Dover Athletic items, we also now have a wide-range of Premiership club souvenirs and football playing equipment at super prices.

We are not only open every Saturday from 9am – but you can also visit us at all first-team and reserve matches. Also you can pay for your items online!

The club accept sterling, euros, and cheques with cheque card. You can pay by credit card and have goods put to one side with your e-mail address.

We will send Invoice. Pay on secure site. Collect goods following Saturday.

Online shopping. Send order to stating whether goods to be shipped or collected.

Our address is: Dover Athletic Club Shop, Crabble Athletic Ground, Lewisham Road, Dover, CT17 0JB. Tel: 01304 241574. E-mail:

Dover Athletic Souvenirs

Airhorns £5.50p

Airhorn Refills £3.60p

Autograph Book £1.50p

Badge Enamel £3.00

Best Dribbler at Crabble Bibs £1.70p

Baseball Cap £6.60p

Beaney Round Hat £4.50p

Birthday Cards with Fridge Magnet £1.70p

Bob Hats £6.00

Car Flags £5.00

Car Stickers £1.00

Christmas Cards with Fridge Magnet £1.70p

Eraser .50p

Face Paints. Black & White. £2.70p

Fridge Magnets £2.00

Jotter Pad £1.00

Key Ring Can be used for supermarket trolley £1.80

Mouse Mats £1.00

Mugs £3.50p

Pen .60p

Pencil .60p

Pennants £3.50p

Ruler £1.00

Scarf £6.00

Ties £9.00

Teddy Bear £2.00

Dover Athletic Embroidered Clothing

Fleece Jackets. S. M. L. XL. £32.00

Polo Shirt White with Black Trim XXL £25.30

Polo Shirts with pocket White. S. M. L. £17.50p

Polo Shirts with Pocket Black. S. L. £17.50p

Polo Shirts without pocket Sky. S. M. L. £16.60p

Replica Shirts Home 12 years £30.00 XL £35.00

Replica Shirts Away. Age 6 years. £30.00 XXL £35.00

(All other sizes to order only)

Sweatshirts Black. S. M. L. XL £17.50p

T shirts. Beer+Chips+football = Saturday

afternoon at Crabble. M. L. XL. £11.60p

Windproof/Showerproof Jackets. 11/12 13/14 £24.00 M. £28.00

Windproof/Showerproof Jackets DAFC Logo Design L. XXL. £31.50

Souvenirs for Arsenal. Chelsea. Liverpool. Man. United. Tottenham. West Ham.

We cannot guarantee to have items in all teams in stock, but we can order subject to availability.

Air Fresheners £1.80p

Baby Bibs (Set of two) £2.60p

Backpacks. Chelsea only. £9.90p

Bears £4.00.

Bootbags £4.60p and £5.90p

Captains Armbands. £2.90p.

Clocks. £6.90p

Computer Optical Mouse £9.90p.

Computer Optical Mouse and Mat £11.70p

Drink Bottles. £3.90p

Goalkeeping Gloves £4.50p

Gym Bags £3.70 and £4.60

Flags £4.60p

Footballs. £4.70p. £6.20p. £7.90 and £8.90

Fun Pack. Man. United only £1.90.

Hats knitted. £4.60p

Lunch Bag. Man. United only £6.80p

Mugs. £4.70p.

Mug and Bear. Chelsea only. £7.20p

Pennants Large. £4.00p

Scarves. £6.50

Shinguards. £4.90p

Stationery Set. Man. United £3.40

Wallets £4.00 and £4.90

Wristbands. £3.90p.


Captains armbands. Senior and Junior £1.70p

Drink Bottle Lucozade £3.90p

Footballs. Skill Ball £2.80p

Cirrus £3.50p

Mitre Madrid £4.70p

Mitre Marksman £4.70p

Mitre Rio £6.00

Mitre Recoil £6.50p

Mitre Calcio £6.60p

Mitre Demon £7.50p

Mitre Proton £7.50p

Mitre Denim £9.40p

Mitre League Trainer £9.50p

Mitre League Pro. £9.50p

Mitre Shadow 12.00

Mitre Ultimatch £14.00

Mitre Monde £18.50p.

Football Boots. Mitre Verus screw in stud.

Childrens sizes. 10 to 13. 1 to 6. £16.00

Goalkeeping Gloves Sondico International £4.00

Selsport Proflex £7.50p

Inflator £3.80p

Rapid Inflator £5.30p

Stirrup Inflator £14.00

Instant Ice £1.80p

Laces 180cm Black £1.30p

140cm Black or White £1.20p

Match Officials Flags £5.60p

Needle Adaptor .40p

Premier Sock Tape £1.80p

Shinguards Lite £3.10p

Zone £4.70p

Prolite £7.50p

Shorts Junior £3.00

Shorts Senior £3.60p

Socks Junior £2.50p

Socks Senior £3.10p

Spacemarkers set of 50 £14.00

Studs. Nylon. Ally. Rubber. Safety £1.80p set.

Stud Spanner .50p

Whistle Plastic or Brass £1.40p or £2.70p