WHILE we are all very concerned about the job that we now face over the coming weeks, I sincerely believe that the future of the club depends on ALL of us working together to try to find solutions.

I do believe that the Trust should in no way give the slightest consideration to not backing the club in its efforts to achieve our mutual aim of survival, and believe it is up to Trust Board members to stress the importance of all of us working together.

To clarify things, the VAT assessment has arisen because food sold from our outlets are deemed not to be take-away, on the basis that it is eaten ‘on the premises’, which, in our case applies to the whole ground.

As such it is liable for VAT. We have consistently followed the basis that was previously utilised, as we had absolutely no reason to believe that was incorrect.

Many will recall from the last Trust meeting that Mick Kemp told us that a VAT inspection had been carried out and that the club were awaiting the result of this. We cannot now complain that we were not kept informed. The assessment arrived only last Tuesday, and since then Mick, Steve and John have been rushing to try and organise the details of the ‘rescue’ plan that has been announced today.