CLIVE WALKER answers question put to him by fans through this website.

MARTIN P: Why do you play Matt Carruthers wide left? It seems to work but surely he is better off getting to the byline and crossing with his stronger foot?

CLIVE: I moved Matty to the left against Staines because they were causing problems down that side and I needed his pace to cancel that threat. I agree with you, though. He is better on the right or upfront – but sometimes needs be.

JOHN MOORHOUSE: (1) How did you go about making your first-team selection when you returned to the club? Did you rely on other people explaining strengths and weaknesses? Base the selection on training?

(2) Also, what did you expect from the first game, knowing that Steve Browne had a very unsuccessful time at the club?

(3) And are you looking at bringing back any players who had left the squad during your time away from the club?

CLIVE: (1) I had to rely on other peoples opinions having not seen many of them play and seen them only twice in training.
(2) I did not know what to expect having looked at the previous results.
(3) I would like to bring back one or two as they are players I can trust to do the job and know what I expect.

JEFF LEACH: I’d like to know the reason why Matt is played on the left (by all Dover managers) when he is obviously a right footed player. And he therefore cannot get to the byline and cross the ball back into the box, which is a far more dangerous attacking option.

For me James Rogers is a great player down the left with geat crossing ability.

CLIVE: Yes, James Rogers is a good young player and will no doubt become a good player for Dover Athletic. But, as I have said previously, Matty has had to play on the left and has scored two goals in two games, so I left him well alone.

CHRIS ROBERTS: (1) If the Club had asked you to come back as manager when Richard Langley was finally sacked, would you have said yes?

(2) If we do not manage to stay up this season, would you say that we have a very good chance of finishing next season as champions of Ryman Division One?

(3) Will we be taking the next round of the Kent Senior Cup seriously, given that the club has not won anything for more years than most supporters care to remember?

CLIVE: (1) No, because of the situation that happened before with the then board of directors.

(2) Yes, I think we will have a great chance of promotion, having had 15 months at that level with Chatham.

(3) Yes, I think this season it is important we try to win the Kent Senior Cup and give the supporters something to shout about.

Martin P: I and many other fans would like to see the return of some familiar faces to Crabble (Tyne, Chapman etc) but I’m lead to belive that good ex players such as Iain O’Connell, Stuart Munday and Simon Beard are unattached. Would you consider bringing players like these back to the club? A bit of experience to help us rebuild. How difficult are you finding it, trying to bring players in?

CLIVE: It’s like I said before I would like to bring some familiar faces back. At this time of the season it is difficult because most of the better players are in settled sides.

MARTIN PEARCE: Clive, there is some concern about you missing the vital pre-season period to coach in America. How do you view this and will you have a No 2 in place by then to take the reins while you are away?

CLIVE: Yes there will be an assistant manager/coach in place before I go to America. I have missed the last 11 pre-seasons because I need to earn a living throughout the summer months usually between mid-June and mid-July. But I always leave a programme to be followed and am always kept up to date with everything that happens.