*BS*WHEN was the last time Dover Athletic had two page leads in The Sun within two days of each other? Never!

*BF*But Rupert Murdoch’s top multi-million selling daily national newspaper got into the club’s cup fever on Saturday by billing the game as “the big Kent grudge match”.

Yet the club’s famous win got a cracking page lead in today’s Super Goals pullout – with the headline: “Dover the Moon” and picture of a jubilant Adam Birchall holding a black and white club banner as he celebrated with fans.

Birchall told Sun man Justin Allen: “I’ve been studying Wayne Rooney videos to improve myself as a player.”

And he was stinging in his criticism of Gillingham assistant Ian Hendon for chucking him on football’s scrapheap last year.

He said: “I needed encouragement and games – but I didn’t get that with Ian.”

Meanwhile, The Time’s Game pullout featured Dover as a page lead where Gary Polland wrote: “The game had all finest Cup ingredients, including a wonder goal to rival Ronnie Radford’s effort for Hereford against Newcastle in 1972.”

The Mail ignored us – but the News of the World and Mail on Sunday both gave the club page leads yesterday.

Hess is in a Mess, screamed the headline in the News of the World, while the Mail on Sunday reported that Gillingham had been beaten by “their neighbours from hell”.

BBC South East are running a feature on Dover in tonight’s news programme.

*BS*ABOVE image is courtesy of The Sun newspaper.